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  • Microalgae DHA in China

    Several years ago, biofuel extracted from algae seemed to be the answer for turning the traditional fuel industry around. Dozens of companies were founded and invested in the research on this new promising fuel to lower the dependence on petroleum. Today ...

    4/21/2017 12:00:00 AM
  • Tranalysis: Analysis on the export trend of vitamin B1 and B6 in China, October 2016

    While the export volume of vitamin B1 dropped in October 2016, the volume of vitamin B6 stayed pretty much the same. The total value, however, has shown an increase for both vitamins. The reason for this trend is the still remaining high domestic price of...

    1/6/2017 11:49:53 AM
  • Tranalysis: Glutamic acid export in China boomed 2016

    According to Tranalysis, the export of glutamic acid from China experienced an unexpected growth again, compared to the year 2015. However, the export was mainly driven by two big players in China, dominating the market.

    12/30/2016 11:16:45 AM
  • CCM: China increases burdens on sweetener manufacturers by 2020

    The Chinese government is increasing the efforts in environmental protection. This also includes the enlargement of so-called pollutant discharge licenses, which will likely have a negative effect on several Chinese industries, including Chinese sweetener...

    12/29/2016 2:27:46 PM
  • Chinese Riboflavin Prices Rising as Supply Shortage Bites

    Feedmanufacturers should brace themselves for higher riboflavin (vitamin B2) pricesin Q4 as a supply shortage in China starts to bite, says market intelligencefirm CCM.Marketprice of 80% feed-grade vitamin B2 in China, January 2014-September 2015Source:CC...

    10/26/2015 9:47:15 AM
  • Vitamin China March: your monthly dose of China vitamins market news

    Here is a roundup of all the biggest news in China’s vitamins market from the last four weeks, brought to you by CCM.You can find more detail on these stories, along with more news, market data, and in-depth analysis in the March issue of CCM’s E-Journal ...

    4/1/2015 12:00:00 AM
  • Amino Acids China News: a roundup of the biggest news from March

    Here is a roundup of all the biggest news from China’s amino acids market from the last four weeks.You can find more detail on these stories, along with more news, market data, and in-depth analysis in the March issue of CCM’s E-Journal Amino Acids China ...

    4/1/2015 12:00:00 AM
  • Surge in New Entrants to China’s Folic Acid Industry Could Cause Price Collapse

    FIGURE1: Market price of 98% feed-grade folic acid in China, January 2013-February 2015Source:CCMFolic acid (Vitamin B9) prices in China exploded in H2 2014 as manufacturers curbed production in anticipation of the new Environmental Protection Law. Now, a...

    3/24/2015 12:00:00 AM
  • Gross Profit Margins in China’s Vitamin E Industry Decline in 2014

    Source: China CustomsChina’s Vitamin E industry witnessed a downturn in prices and a decline in gross profit margins in 2014 due to weak demand from downstream markets, and competition in China’s domestic market is likely to remain fierce this year, accor...

    3/10/2015 9:32:02 AM