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  • CCM: Highlights of Crop Farming in China 2017

    In February 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China revealed the Highlights for Crop Farming Industry 2017. Market intelligence firm CCM has analysed the issue and pointed out the most important developments in China’s farming ...

    2/17/2017 10:37:52 AM
  • CCM: Price of imidacloprid in China surges over 30 percent YoY in January 2017

    The imidacloprid technical price in China is on an immense surge in the beginning of 2017. According to CCM’s research, the main reason can be found in the tight supply of its raw materials, which will not rise significantly in the near future.

    2/16/2017 3:57:15 PM
  • Tranalysis: Top 10 Chinese Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) exporters 2016

    China’s TiO2 exports were booming in 2016. The continuously depreciating RMB and the increasing export scales of China’s manufacturers have strengthened this development throughout the year. As a fact, many of China’s producers exported their products wit...

    2/15/2017 11:15:45 AM
  • CCM: Will China’s sugar price finally fall in 2017

    After an almost constantly growth of the sugar price in China since the beginning of 2016, the first month of 2017 has already shown a decline of the cane sugar price in China, back to the level of November 2016.

    2/14/2017 10:08:20 AM
  • CCM: Four game changing policies in China’s fluorochemical business 2016

    China’s fluorochemical business was marked by four major, game-changing policies in the year 2016. Market intelligence firm CCM has analysed these policies and their effect on the fluoride industry in China.

    2/13/2017 11:36:40 AM
  • China’s pesticides market: CAC Shanghai 2017 impacts and forecast

    On 1-3 March 2017, the biggest contributors of the agrochemical industry in China and worldwide are gathering at one place, to place the tracks for the agrochemical market in 2017. The 18th China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition (CA...

    2/10/2017 11:14:20 AM
  • CCM: Corn outlook 2017 in China: down in planting and price

    The market trend of corn in China in 2017 was facing a depressing time, especially looking at the price development. Now, China has changed its corn policy from a stockpiling and supply orientated market situation to one, that is demand driven.

    2/9/2017 11:21:20 AM
  • CCM: The up and downs of China’s pig industry in 2016

    The price of live pigs in China was marked by many fluctuations throughout the year 2016. Governmental policies had a huge impact on the business of manufacturers, including relocations, which regulations are going to be even stricter in 2017, according t...

    2/8/2017 10:33:25 AM
  • Tranalysis: Supply and demand of China’s main agricultural products 2017

    The supply and demand of the major agricultural products in China for 2017 is mostly balanced, but also has some oversupply situations for certain commodities, which will have a severe effect on the price development.

    2/7/2017 10:36:18 AM
  • CCM: China’s plan for the next five years for its dairy industry

    The Chinese government has gathered in January 2017 to reveal the newest issue of the Development Plan for the Milk Industry in 2016-2020. The plan focuses on to strengthen the domestic infant formula manufacturers as well as improve the standards, laws a...

    2/6/2017 12:24:28 PM