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Survey of Fluorine Industry in China - Market Report

CCM has published a market research report covering the fluorine industry in China, with focus on the market trends of fluorite, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride (AHF), HFC-152a, and HCHC-142b. The report gives industry players in China’s fluorine industry a guideline of the current market development and also points out the future trend. This information is inevitable for a sustainable decision making in China’s market to be ahead of competitors.


Looking at the industrial value of fluoride, fluoride salts and hydrofluoric acid are the main materials of interest. After all, compounds with C-F bonds fall into the realm of organofluorine chemistry. Fluoride is mainly used in the production of cryolite as well as Na3AlF6. It is used furthermore in aluminium smelting. Formerly, it was mined, but now it is derived from hydrogen fluoride. Fluorite is used on a large scale to separate slag in steel-making. Mined fluorite is a commodity chemical used in steel-making.


Hydrofluoric acid and its anhydrous form, hydrogen fluoride, is also used in the production of fluorocarbons. Hydrofluoric acid has a variety of specialized applications, including its ability to dissolve glass.


The fluorine industry showed the trend to be one of the fastest developing as well as most promising chemical industries in China recently. What’s more, the middle kingdom has become one of the largest fluorine production and consumption areas. Inorganic fluoride, fluor-refrigerant, fluor polymer and fluor-intermediate are the four important sectors of China's fluorine chemical industry.


At present, the domestic inorganic fluoride industry is developing rapidly, and domestic high-end techniques for inorganic fluoride production are close to the international advanced level. However, many domestic manufacturers still produce low-end inorganic fluoride products. And some of the refined products, such as electronic grade fluoride, still rely on import from Western countries.


Fluorohydrocarbon is used in various industries such as refrigerant, foam beater, extinguishant, insecticide, medical and chemical. Among them, the refrigerant industry shares the largest consumption of fluorohydrocarbon. Refrigerants are mainly used in household refrigerators, automobiles, marine and household air conditioners, and commercial refrigeration equipment. and they not only can be used in producing new equipment but also in maintenance. Currently, the replacement progress of refrigerants is being constantly accelerated in China.


Fluor resin is widely used in coatings, sealing, architecture, electronic and other fields. China is a major producer of fluor resin, but yet to be self-sufficient in high-end fluor resin products. At present, the difference between import price and export price of fluor resin is still large and domestic enterprises need to work hard to develop advanced technology and high-end products. It is expected that domestic fluorine resin manufacturers will focus on developing PVDF, FEP, high-end and modified PTFE, and other fluorine-containing resins.


The applications of fluor rubber include automobile, petrochemical, aerospace, electric appliance, machine manufacture and light industry. Development of the fluor rubber industry in China has been restrained by lack of varieties and backward processing technology. It is expected that domestic fluor rubber manufacturers will pay more attention to the production of high-quality fluor rubber.


About the Report

CCM’s new report Survey of Florine Industry in China can be accessed directly from the website after purchasing. You can also check out CCM’s entire market research on China’s fluorine market in the Online Database.


This report is a value analysis of the fluorine Industry in China, which covers the production, price, imports & exports, consumption of fluorite, refrigerant, inorganic fluorides and fluor polymer products. Besides, a future forecast on the development trend for these products will be analysed in this report.


This report is based on data collected via diverse sources. The primary sources include interviews with industry experts, key players in fluorine Industry production. Various secondary sources include published magazines, journals, government statistics and CCM’s database, etc. Data obtained from various sources have been combined and cross-checked to ensure that this report is as accurate and methodologically sound as possible.


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