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  China Amino Acids Industry
China is witnessing a sustained growth in amino acids consumption, mainly boosted by downstream industries: feed, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.
The overcapacity situation of some main amino products and high cost & low profit (such as glutamate & salt, lysine, threonine, etc.) causes domestic producers to increase export and go into the high value-added products applied in pharmaceutical and health care domain.
  China has great demand for medicinal amino acids & derivatives.
Industrial policies such as Development Plan for Strategic Emerging Industries, Twelfth Five Year Plan for Food Industry shall accelerate the sustainable development of China’s amino acid industry, which means increasing governmental supervision, aimed at canceling the overcapacity & encouraging the development of high value-added products.
total output over 3,000,000 tonnes
value over USD 9 billion
Applications of Amino Acids
 Food Additive
Feed Supplements
    Chart 01  
  Estimated output
and consumption of
feed grade amino acids
in China, toone, 2014-2017
    Chart 02  
  MSG production situation in China, tonne, 2009-2013
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