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2014 Mancozeb Price Review for the Chinese Market

In 2014, there was a stable demand for mancozeb in the Chinese domestic market, which resulted in satisfactory sales figures. The price of mancozeb remained stable in the first three quarters of 2014, and in the final quarter, the price significantly rose and remained high for the remainder of the year.

Figure: Ex-works price of 90% mancozeb technical in China, January 2014 – January 2015


In February of 2014, Chinese mancozeb manufacturer Jiangsu Nantong Baoye Chemical Co., Ltd. suspended its production of 90% mancozeb technical due to environmental issues and was forced to relocate to Yangkou Chemical Industrial Park. Another large manufacturer of 90% mancozeb technical, Limin Chemical Co., Ltd., shut down its production line due to a month long power outage and yet more environmental issues. These issues heavily affected the supply of mancozeb, but surprisingly didn’t affect its price. Had these issues occurred at another time in the year, we could have seen a big change in the price of mancozeb. Fortunately, June, July and August form the slack season for fungicides, which meant that the demand for mancozeb was also weak, resulting in a stable price throughout the slack season.

Why did the price of mancozeb suddenly rise in Q4? 

As we can see above, the price of mancozeb soared in Q4. The reason for this was the increase in price of ethylenediamine, one of the important raw materials for mancozeb. Insiders revealed that the production cost of mancozeb had risen by USD163.43/t (RMB1000/t) due to the increasing price of ethylenediamine, and according to CCM’s price monitoring, the average price of mancozeb in October rose by 22.05% in comparison to 2013. This trend continued for the remainder of Q4, with the average price increasing by 5.67% between September and November. The price of mancozeb then remained fairly stable at around USD3,100/t for the remainding months of the year.

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