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Tranalysis: import volume of beer skyrockets in China

In H1 2016, China imported 310.888 million liters, up 40.2% YoY. Specifically, 8,326.9 liters of beer was imported in June 2016, up 51.7% YoY, hitting a highest record regarding a single month, which was mainly due to the European Football Championship held in June. Drinking beer became the best partner for the football fans while watching football.

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According to China Customs, the import volume of beer went up every year in China. The import volume of beer was 538.339 million liters in China in 2015, 25 times more than the figure of 21.32 million liters in 2006.

Currently, China mainly imported German beer, with the import volume of 163.088 million liters in H1 2016, up 86.9% YoY, taking up 52.5% of the total import volume in China in H1 2016. With the ratio up 13.1 percentage points YoY, German beer was stronger in being the top one in import volume.

Besides, the import volume of beer from Spain and Belgium increased rapidly as well. The import volumes of Spain beer and Belgium beer were not in the top-five list in H1 2015; while in H1 2016, the import volumes of Spain beer and Belgium beer were 19.897 million liters and 14.038 liters respectively, up 102.1% YoY and 125.5% YoY.

Currently, general trade is the major trading mode for imported beer in China, with the import volume of 285.39 million liters through general trade, up 40.1% YoY and taking up 91.8% of the total import volume of beer in H1 2016 in China. What comes next is the trading through special Customs controlling zone, with the import volume of beer of 19.007 million liters, up 49% YoY.

When it comes to transportation, the import volume of beer by shipping was 300.526 million liters, up 40% YoY, taking up 96.7% of the total import volume, which was the major transportation for imported beer. The import volume of beer through road and railway was together 9.841 million liters, up 21.8% YoY.

The average import price of beer rose to RMB7.3/L in Q1 2016. Entering Q2, the price fell to lower than RMB7 and kept falling. In May 2016, the average price fell to RMB6.4/L, down about 17% compared to that in Jan. 2016. In Q2 2016, the average price of imported beer was RMB6.5/L, down RMB0.8/L in a quarter-on-quarter basis.

China has already had the zero-tariff policy on imported beer, which gives more price advantages on the imported beer. The foreign beer factories are all trying to capture the beer market in China; besides, there are various selling channels in China to help consumers to buy foreign beer more easily.

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