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Tranalysis: Trade of fluorochemicals in China from Feb. to Sept. 2016 shows great fluctuation

The export volume of the major fluorochemicals in China developed differently on a month on month, and year on year view. The two products, that were able to achieve a significant year on year boom in export are AIF3 with an increase of 21,13% and LiPF6 with a rise of 87.50%.

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AIF3 is also the only fluorochemical, that experienced a positive month on month change in export, with an amount of 14,221 tons in Sept. 2016, an increase of 87.66% compared to August, where it was 7,578 tons.

Fluorite export in the opposite had to suffer a huge year on year decrease, particularly CaF297% with 80.86% decrease and CaF297% with a fall of 20.87%. The YoY change of last months has been positive for both, though, with an increase of 11.75% and 74.51% respectively.

The month on month trend of those two chemicals also shows some downfall with a decrease of 69.42% and 40.64% respectively, According to China Customs.

·         Export volume of major fluorochemicals from China, Sept. 2016, tonne





MoM change

YoY change

Fluorite (CaF2>97%)






Fluorite (CaF2≤97%)




































Source: China Customs & CCM

Fluorite CaF297%

The output of fluoride in China, the owning country of major reserves for this popular mineral, has remained steady the last years.

The export volume of CaF297% showed a slight decrease of the price from February till September 2016, down to $230 per ton. The export volume showed some huge fluctuation, with the smallest amount in February, about 4,000 tons, the peak in April with about 43,000 tons and a downfall to about 5,000 tons again in September 2016. The price has a more stable history, since the huge rise from January to February 2016.

The main destination of this Fluorite was India with an overwhelming share of 96.04% of all exports. The remaining 3.96% are shared by export destinations like Singapore (1.56%), Thailand (0.82%), USA (0.78%), and Indonesia (0.49%). In August, the main importer had been Japan with more than half of the total amount if China’s export. India was only on the second place with 42.26%.

The major drivers for the fluorite market are still a growing chemical industry and also a booming use in the glass industry.


The export development of CaF297% showed a small increasing in price and volume from February to September 2016. The peak of the volume was in June with more than 20,000 tons and the price reached the top in July with $260 per ton.

The export destinations of CaF297% are much more diversified, compared to the other Fluorite. The top importer from China is still an Asian country, namely South Korea with a share of 31.72%. It is followed by Taiwan (18.89%), Japan (15.54%), and India (13.28%).


The export price of HF flowed like an S. It first dropped down to $990/t in April, reached the peak in June with $1,060/t and fell down to $985 in September again, the lowest point since February 2016. The export volume did not show a great fluctuation, started with the lowest amount in February with about 14,000 tons and reached the peak in July with about 22,000 tons.

The export destinations for HF has been mostly all Asian countries again, namely Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Thailand with a share of 38.39%, 28.36%, 15.75%, 4.79%, and 3.43% respectively. These amounts are very similar to the data of August.


The export price of AIF3 was falling most of the time during the year.  The peak was in March $1,000/t and the price was falling down to $920 in September. While the price hit the lowest point in September, this month was the highest volume of exports with some space to the second highest month. According to China Customs, China exported more than 14,000 tons in September.

The export was mostly shared by Russia (32.74%), Australia (25.11%), and the USA (12.94%).


The Fluorochemical, that showed some significant development in imports to China was Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE).

It is remarkable, that the import price was very stable from February to August 2016 and increased enormously in September to more than $40,000 per ton, while the volume did not show much fluctuation during the year.

The exporting countries of PTFE to China were among others the USA, Japan, and India with an export share of 34.15%, 18.83%, and 13.37%. That shows, that the USA has surpassed Japan in exports to China in September. Asia-Pacific is known to be the leading global consumer of PTFE.

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