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CCM: Rising pesticide prices to encourage winter storage trend in China

Though the whole pesticide market is still suffering downturn in China, some products begin to rise in their prices. Imidacloprid price stopped falling and began to rebound. Abamectin was tight in supply and up in price. As for glyphosate, it turned good in its market… according to analyst CCM. 

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Imidacloprid price rebounds

After falling for half a year in 2016, the price of imidacloprid finally remained stable and went up a little in Dec. 2016. The current imidacloprid price was about USD15,226/t with the transaction price of about USD14,936/t to USD15,081/t in Dec. 2016, while its cost price was about USD14,501/t, according to data from CCM Online Platform.

Chen Zaoqun, editor of Herbicides China News, CCM, stated that the following trend of imidacloprid depended on its foreign trade.

“Based on previous experience, the imidacloprid price would go up in Feb. and March every year. Currently, most of the imidacloprid producers have already finished dealing with the orders came in the slack season earlier; thus, the inventory is quite low now.”

“Besides, the operation rate of the whole industry is 60% - 70%, higher than the 40% - 50% earlier, which is also a preparation for the coming peak season in Mar. – May,” Chen stated.

Abamectin: tight in supply and up in price  

According to CCM Online Platform, with the rising price of abamectin, emamectin benzoate, abamectin’s downstream product, went up in its price from USD130/kg to USD132/kg-USD133/kg.

However, different from the market of emamectin benzoate, abamectin was in better market due to the fact that there were only four to five major abamectin producers in China. Thus, the producers have strong pricing rights.

“The rising price of abamectin this round has something to do with the output controlled by the producers,” an insider disclosed to CCM.

In fact, the price of abamectin stopped falling and began to rise in Sept. 2016. Till Nov. 2016, the price rose to USD61,917/t, up 7.69% MoM, according to data from CCM Online Platform.

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Glyphosate market turns good

Since Dec. 2016, the decline of glyphosate price began to narrow and remained stable. Till now, the current glyphosate quotation was USD3,045/t-USD3,190/t in China.

Chen stated that the price of USD3,045/t was basically the bottom limit for glyphosate, thus, it is not likely to fall further. If the orders for glyphosate look good in late Dec., its price could even rise again.

“Buyers usually have their enquiries in Jan. and actual orders in Feb. and March. Currently, most of the glyphosate enterprises are producing more glyphosate to prepare for the coming peak season,” Chen said.

“Now, Africa has increasing demand for glyphosate AS; however, the demand for glyphosate technical still depends on the demand from Europe, the US and South-east Asia,” Chen added.

Staff from Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemical Co., Ltd. disclosed to CCM that, the inventory of glyphosate is still high in glyphosate enterprises now. Though the order began to increase now, the demand would only increase much after one month.

About CCM:

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