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Tranalysis: Import and export trend of paper in China Q1-Q3, 2016

China’s Paper industry might be in a transition, but it is still the fastest growing and also one of the most important pulps and paper markets in the world. Even the total output of paper, paper products, and pulp is increasing in China, some segments had to record some decline compared to last year, according to Tranalysis.

Source: Baidu

Tranalysis has gathered and analysed the data of the National Bureau of Statistics Express, which stated a number of 6,667 manufacturers of paper related products in China with a total output of more than 90 million tonnes in Q1 – Q3, 2016.

According to Tranalysis, the producing companies can be divided into three segments, namely 52 pulp manufacturers, 2,730 paper producers, and 3,895 paper products fabricators. The total output of 90.18 million tonnes in the first three-quarters of 2016 represents an overall increase of more than 2.35 million tonnes, which is a rise of 2.68% compared to the same period of last year.

The overall paper related production in China contained 11.6 million tonnes of pulp, which actually is a decrease in production of 5.64%. Paper products manufacturing achieved an amount of 52.56 million tonnes, which shows a decrease of 1.68 million tonnes, or 3.09%. This production includes an output of 29.44 million tonnes carton cumulative production which is also a down of 2.61 million tonnes, or 8.16%.

So even with an overall increasing export value of paper related products in China, both pulp production and paper products production actually endured a decrease in output in China.

Furthermore, paper and paperboard imports to China have been 2.17 million tonnes, which is a down of 1.01%, representing a value of USD2.407 billion, decreasing even more with 5.31%, according to Tranalysis. In opposite to that, paper and paperboard exports have been more than doubling the import, counting 5.67 million tonnes which represent an increase of 16.70%. This equals a value of USD6.998 billion what is also an increase of 4.86%.

Comparing this result to the world export of paper products, China has still one of the most important roles in the worldwide paper market. According to World Stop Exports, China was the country with the second highest value of paper exports with USD18.8 billion of the total value. This amount grants China the total share of 12.1% of paper exports in 2015. China takes the place between the leading paper exporting nation Germany (USD19,2) and the third place, taken by the USA (USD15.7).

Looking at the development of paper exports from 2012 to 2015, China was also the only country able to increase its paper export by totally 46.1%. Furthermore, China did have the highest net export for paper in 2015, with an amount of USD14.8 billion. This represents a net export surplus of 88.6% compared to 2011 and shows the very strong competitiveness of Chinas paper export industry.

Chenming Paper is the largest papermaking enterprise in China. Followers are Nine Dragons Paper Holdings, with the largest production capacity in Asia, and Qunxing Paper.

What’s more, according to the Guangdong Paper Association, the paper-making industry in China is facing a huge transforming currently, including the concentration on green, low-carbon paper production with an environmentally friendly and high efficient process. Especially the know-how and equipment of foreign paper-making chemicals have faced a growing demand to fulfill the new needs of Chinese paper manufacturers.

About Tranalysis:

Tranalysis is an intelligence and analysis provider on import/export data covering agriculture, chemicals, and life science industries in China. Tranalysis, founded in 2001, provides users not only a large amount of import/export data in China but also analysis to help monitor the market trends. Our clients include Monsanto, BASF, Syngenta, and SinoChem.

For more information about Tranalysis, please visit our website or get in touch with us directly by emailing or calling +86-20-37616606.


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