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Market Research Report: China’s Inorganic Fluoride Market

CCM has published the new report Survey of Inorganic Fluoride in China, analysing the inorganic fluoride market in China, focusing on the four main categories AHF, aluminium fluoride, cryolite, and lithium hexafluorophosphate. The report is visualizing the general market development and reveals investment opportunities for international players.


Inorganic fluoride chemicals serve as the raw material for organic fluoride, metallurgy, and the electronics industry. For example, in the aluminium industry, inorganic fluoride is one of the main raw materials for manufacturing, processing and even finishing the metal. Other important areas in current commercial use are electrolytes, which include aluminium fluoride, calcium fluoride and lithium fluoride.


The global inorganic fluorides market has seen a potential growth over the past few years and is expected to retain the growth status for the following years ahead. The main reason behind this growth is due to the continuous increasing production of aluminium from the construction as well as automotive industries. Additionally, the rising application industries are also one the major driving factors. The emerging economies, government policies, huge domestic as well as international market and high consumption in APAC, mostly in China, have been fueling the global growth of inorganic fluorides market. Geographically, Asia-Pacific is expected to be the largest market in terms of value and volume, followed by North America and Europe.


Typical products in the inorganic fluoride industry are ammonium hydrogen fluoride, calcium fluoride, hydrogen fluoride, sodium fluoride, and sulphur hexafluoride, among others. The application scope in the downstream industries reaches from aluminium Industry, oil & gas industry, pharmaceuticals, to electronics. As all of these industries are facing boosting demand and a bigger importance in the global market, the upstream industry of inorganic fluoride industry is booming as well. 


China often referred as the main manufacturing base in the world, is also the largest producer as well as consumer for inorganic fluoride worldwide. The production is supported by the high-technology in China’s manufacturers, which is close to the technology used in developed countries.


Thanks to the governmental policies combine with a strong domestic demand in China, the fluorine chemical industry has been one of the fastest developing and promising chemical industries in China. However, many Chinese manufacturers are still producing low-end products while relying on imports of refined products.


Looking at the inorganic fluoride industry in China, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride production has the largest market share, followed by cryolite, and aluminium fluoride. According to market intelligence firm CCM, China’s manufacturers have started to invest more in high value-added fluoride products, which will improve the product structure and optimize the processing standards in the near future.


About inorganic fluoride

The inorganic anion fluorine is called fluoride. The fluoride ion can form various inorganic compounds such as calcium fluoride, sodium fluoride, aluminium fluoride, potassium fluoride and magnesium fluoride. Bifluorides are also known to form with metals. Fluoride ions occur on earth in several minerals, particularly fluorite. Sodium fluoride was the first chemical used for fluoridation. Salts of fluoride are widely used as important chemical reagents and industrial chemicals, mainly used in the production of hydrogen fluoride for fluorocarbons. Fluoride is the most bioavailable form of fluorine.


About CCM

CCM is the leading market intelligence provider for China’s agriculture, chemicals, and food & feed markets.


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Survey of Inorganic Fluoride in China (2017)


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